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I’ve seen too many stories recently not to comment on ‘men of power’ beating women and getting away with it. I don’t condone any violence but domestic violence is abhorrent. And the same goes for women who think they can beat their man black and blue because they’re ‘supposed’ to be masculine and take it. […]



“I just want to repost this and bring awareness back. Nowadays we have to watch how we say “No.” There are so many crazy men in this world that would end our life for saying it. For a long time there was a stigma that black men didn’t commit certain crimes. It’s a new day […]



Mary Soears Mary spears was a 27-year-old Detroit women who was shot to death by a stranger after she refused to give him hr phone number. Janee talton- jackson  janese taiton-jackson was a 29-year-old Pittsburgh women who was fatally shot by a stranger from a local bar after she repeatedly rejected his sexual advances.



It takes a certain type of man to be able to get it. To understand that a woman who’s used to being let down repetitively, and common respect, and isused  to always having to fight to be heard… doesn’t know what a ‘happy’ relationship feels like. so it takes a cartain type of man to […]


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