I’ve seen too many stories recently not to comment on ‘men of power’ beating women and getting away with it. I don’t condone any violence but domestic violence is abhorrent. And the same goes for women who think they can beat their man black and blue because they’re ‘supposed’ to be masculine and take it. This is a long caption but I don’t want anyone I know to think they don’t have someone to come to if this in any way happens to them. You don’t have to stand for it and I will never let a violent person carry on their abuse if I can stop it. One time or ten times, if they feel that using you as a punching bag is the way to solve problems; they aren’t someone you should be with. Please just know you aren’t alone and you always have someone to turn to. #domesticviolence #DV #abuse #domesticabuse #rayrice #linahkeza #help #womenagainstviolence #yesallwomen #yourlifeisworthmore #love #abuse #violence #genderviolence


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